With an experienced attorney from The Law Offices of Carolina K. Tumminelli, PLLC, on your side, you can feel confident in pursuing all the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, some of which you may not even be aware of.

For example, although you may know about wage benefits and medical benefits, did you know that you can be reimbursed for travel expenses related to doctor’s appointments? We will make certain nothing is overlooked.

Wage Benefits

Work injuries typically result in missed work. Substantial wages are often lost. Thankfully, workers’ compensation law allows injured workers to get a percentage of those lost wages. This can get complicated, particularly when a worker does not have a uniform schedule or when pay fluctuates. We understand how to properly calculate lost wages.

Medical Benefits

Getting treated and recovering from the work injury is the priority. Medical benefits offered under workers’ compensation law are a frequent source of confusion. Will you be able to go to your own doctor? Will your employer have a say in who treats you? Our Chelmsford-area workers’ compensation lawyers will answer your questions and see that you get proper medical treatment.

Other Benefits

Victims who suffered permanent injuries or disfigurement may be entitled to additional compensation. Those who are no longer able to return to their previous line of work may be qualified for job retraining. Medical-related travel expenses are also covered.

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