What to expect during an Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been in a car accident or maybe a slip and fall accident at a retail store.  You’ve taken photos of the scene, obtained the other party’s insurance information and went to the doctor’s to address your injuries.  Now you have insurance companies calling you for statements, and you are worried about getting medial bills, when all you should be focused on is healing from your injuries! It’s time to call an attorney and have an initial consultation to have all your questions and concerns addressed.

Most times, initial consultations are free, and can be a useful tool for you to not only get answers to your questions, but to also find out if hiring an attorney is a good step for you for your case.

What can you expect at an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney and what should you bring with you?

Once you sit down with an attorney for an initial consultation, it is your time to tell your story, and ask any questions you might have.  The attorney will go through all the details of the accident, and your injuries.  They will ask for details about the accident, your injuries, the insurance companies, and any other information you have.  You should bring any police reports you have, as well as any other letters or documents you have received from any insurance companies or other third parties.

The attorney you meet with will go over the timeline for your case, and what to expect while your case is open.  They will discuss how they can help you and what things they will take care of for you.  The attorney will also discuss their fee agreement with you and how they will be compensated for their work.

It’s important at the initial consultation with any attorney to ask your questions and address your concerns, not only about your specific case, but also about how that attorney will work for you.  When choosing an attorney, it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable with your choice.

At The Law Offices of Carolina K. Tumminelli, PLLC, we offer free initial consultations.  We will discuss with you all aspects of your case and take as long as it takes to answer any questions you have.  We want you to feel comfortable with your choice!

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