Union Worker’s Comp Case Settled for More Than 1st Anticipated

My office just settled a WORKERS COMPENSATION case for a UNION EMPLOYEE at UPS, for several hundred thousand dollars.  The client had previously retained an attorney who held himself out as an expert in Workers Compensation law.  The client was of advanced age, had a limited education, had worked for UPS for many years in a heavy duty capacity, and had very bad injuries which severely limited his physical abilities.  Despite this, the lawyer tried to convince the client that he was only partially disabled and that he should accept a settlement offer of less than half of what we eventually got him.  In fact, that attorney’s settlement demand was half of what we got the client.

When we looked at the case, we determined that based upon age, education and past work experience that the client was not partially disabled. Instead, the client was permanently and totally disabled from all types of work that he could do and likely could never work again.  This is significant because, under this view of the case, the client could receive more in weekly benefits for his lifetime. The original lawyer was seeking monetary compensation for only a few years.  Our view meant the settlement value of the case could be worth much more – and that proved to be true.

The lesson here is that anyone can say they’re an expert in Workers Compensation Law, but the proof is in the results.  At THE LAW OFFICES OF CAROLINA K. TUMMINELLI, PLLC, and as Attorney Swartz did at his previous office at the Law Offices of Howard H. Swartz, we have obtained some of the largest workers compensation settlements for injured workers in the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire areas.

If you were injured at work, hire the local authority on WORKERS COMPENSATION – THE LAW OFFICES OF CAROLINA K. TUMMINELLI, PLLC, with offices in Massachusetts at 14 Fletcher Street, Chelmsford MA (978) 256-9655, and New Hampshire at One Tara Boulevard (603) 881-5300.