Not all injuries are the result of sudden accidents. Some develop over time due to common job duties. This is easy to recognize in factory floor settings, where repetitive motion is clearly defined, but any job that involves a consistent and repetitive movement could cause such an injury.

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The Key Is Proving That Your Injury Is Job-Related

The struggle that many repetitive motion or stress injury victims face is how to prove the injury’s association with their job. If you have been injured due to repetitive motion or stress at work, workers’ compensation insurance benefits should be extended to you to help with your recovery.

It often takes employees a long time to recognize the severity of their own injury as it develops gradually. As a result, injuries are not always reported in a timely manner, and employees often “work through the pain.” Insurance companies view this delayed reporting as evidence that the injury was not associated with the job, and they then undervalue claims or deny them altogether.

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