Halloween 2021

It’s that time of year – the scariest night of the year, Halloween!   If you do choose to partake in trick or treating this year, follow these safety tips to ensure that the only scary thing on Halloween night is the ghouls and goblins!

      • Make sure costumes are safe for kids (and for yourself). Costumes can sometimes be too long and could be a trip hazard.  Also make sure any masks allow for kids to see – you want to make sure that kids can see through the mask so that nothing impedes their vision while they are walking around.  Also make sure that you add lights or reflective tape to costumes so that they can be seen in the dark.
      • Go over street safety rules with your kids (and follow them yourself).  Make sure you stop at curbs and look both ways before crossing the street.  If you can’t walk on a sidewalk, walk facing traffic so they can see you coming towards them.  Walk with a flashlight so that cars can see you!  And always use crosswalks.
      • Younger kids should have a responsible adult with them when they go trick-or-treating.  If your kids are old enough to go by themselves, make sure you set a route ahead of time for them, and a timeframe for which they will return home.
      • Check your kids’ candy before letting them eat any of it.  You want to make sure there is nothing in there that could be harmful, and you will also want to check for choking hazards.
      • If you are driving on Halloween, keep an eye out for pedestrians, and make sure all distractions are gone!  Also, if you drink on Halloween, don’t drive!
      • For 2021, there are some “special” rules, such as social distancing and wearing a mask.  Make sure you follow the laws and ordinances of your city or town, and follow the plan you have put in place for your family.

We hope you have a fabulous, spooky Halloween, but the only scary thing that needs to be out are zombies and ghosts!  Stay Safe!

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