Collecting disability benefits for a chronic condition

Living with a chornic condition, such as fibromyalgia, can have debilitating effects. Many people with these types of illnesses have a hard time holding down a job due to issues with pain or memory.

Unfortunately, these conditions are also challenging to document to the satisfaction of the judges who ultimately determine your eligibility to collect disability benefits.

That’s why it’s so important to have someone on your side who understands the legal requirements and can help you pursue the compensation you need to pay your bills and battle your chronic condition every day.

Doctor Verification

In most cases, chronic conditions aren’t seen in the same way as many other injuries or conditions. For this reason, one of the most critical aspects to winning your disability application is doctor verification.

It may be necessary to get notes from multiple doctors, including ones suggested by the disability office in your area. While this can take time, it is to your benefit to comply and get as much doctor support as possible.

Loss Of Income Verification

If you can’t work at all, or you can’t work full-time due to your chronic condition, it’s also critical that you have documentaiton regarding your job and income loss.

When you quit or are discharged from a position, ask your employer to document in your permanent file that the loss of your job was due to symptoms of your chronic condition. Be as specific as possible. If your inability to do the job is related to memory issues, be sure that is documented as well.

Be Open To Retraining

In many cases, it is possible for individuals with chronic illness to continue working in a different role. Be open to short-term payments and reimbursement for retraining.

It may seem overwhelming right now, while you are struggling with your condition, but being open to this option allows for multiple compensation avenues. It also shows the judge that you are willing to work. That will be taken into consideration in the ruling.

Hire A Lawyer

Proving the need for disability compensation in cases involving a chronic condition can be challenging. Working with a skilled lawyer can make a huge difference. An attorney will be able to help you with all the confusing legal requirements, paperwork and court appearances.