Massachusetts Consumer Protection

Did you know that Massachusetts has some great laws to protect Massachusetts consumers from “unfair and deceptive” business practices?  Most consumers aren’t aware that they have may rights under Massachusetts Consumer Protection laws, otherwise known as Chapter 93A.   “Unfair & deceptive” is not fully defined by the law or by the courts, allowing each […]

What to expect during an Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been in a car accident or maybe a slip and fall accident at a retail store.  You’ve taken photos of the scene, obtained the other party’s insurance information and went to the doctor’s to address your injuries.  Now you have insurance companies calling you for statements, and you are worried about getting medial bills, […]

Surveillance videos and the worker’s compensation case

We always warn worker’s compensation clients that the insurance company will most likely hire a private investigator to follow them and attempt to get video of the client doing things, which they have stated they cannot do because of their industrial injuries. While, the video alone cannot be used to determine causal relationship and disability […]