Surveillance Videos and the Worker’s Compensation Case

Private Investigators aren’t just on tv…We have encountered many times when a private investigator has been following one of our clients in an effort to catch them doing things outside of their stated capabilities. We always warn our worker’s compensation clients that the insurance company will most likely hire a private investigator to follow them […]

What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

Every family is different, so everyone’s estate planning needs will be different.  However, whether you live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the country, there are some commonalities regardless of estate size or location.  Understanding these basics may make talking about your estate and planning how your assets will be allocated somewhat less […]

Chef Hurt at Work Gets More Compensation Working with Tumminelli Law

At the Law Offices of Carolina K. Tumminelli, PLLC, we won’t quit until the final bell.  Every case is different and we can’t anticipate how other parties will respond, but we do try to set reasonable expectations for our clients.  We love when cases go even better than we anticipated they would.  That happened recently […]

Work-related traumatic brain injuries can happen in any industry

Many employers nationwide knowingly expose their workers to severe safety hazards on a daily basis. You may not even be aware of the dangers you face and the potential traumatic brain injury that could change your life forever. According to the Brain Injury Institute, one in five work-related TBI cases result from slip- or trip-and-fall incidents. Some […]

Union Worker’s Comp Case Settled for More Than 1st Anticipated

My office just settled a WORKERS COMPENSATION case for a UNION EMPLOYEE at UPS, for several hundred thousand dollars.  The client had previously retained an attorney who held himself out as an expert in Workers Compensation law.  The client was of advanced age, had a limited education, had worked for UPS for many years in […]