Accidental disability retirement is available for state and municipal employees in Massachusetts, including teachers. It is essentially a substitute for Social Security Disability for city, county and state workers.

However, there are distinct differences, so it is important that you choose a lawyer with experience in this particular matter to ensure that you get all of the benefits to which you are entitled. You can find that lawyer at The Law Offices of Carolina K. Tumminelli, PLLC, where we have been helping municipal workers obtain accidental disability retirement benefits for many years.

Who Is Eligible For These Benefits?

City, county and state employees who have suffered a workplace injury and are unable to perform the essential elements of their particular job may be eligible for accidental disability retirement. This includes members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and other unions.

It is important to note that, unlike in Social Security Disability claims, a worker only needs to prove that he or she can no longer do his or her job to qualify for benefits. In Social Security benefits cases, a worker needs to prove that he or she cannot do any job.

How To Apply For Benefits

Our attorneys can assist with filing a claim for benefits. If you have already filed a claim and it has been denied, we are skilled at appealing the denial and pursuing a hearing to help you get the benefits you are entitled to receive. Accidental disability retirement allows you to obtain 72 percent of the wages you earned while you were working.

We handle all accidental disability retirement cases on a contingency fee basis, plus the initial consultation is always free. Call our Chelmsford office at 978-256-9655 or contact us online.

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