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Retraining To Work With A Disability

When most people hear the words "social security disability", they think about someone who is so injured or incapacitated that they can't ever work again.  They envision wheelchairs and broken bodies.  This can be the case, but it isn't always that way.  Here's an example from one of our recent cases.

The Client

Our client worked as a patient service technician before coming to us for help.  Our client suffered an injury in his right shoulder.  He had several surgeries to repair the damage to his shoulder.

Our client felt frustrated because he could not return to his job as a patient service technician and did not have the training or skills necessary to switch careers.  As a young man in his late 20s, our client did not want to be declared fully disabled, but he did need help switching careers, and compensation for the injury he suffered on the job.

Our Results

When our client came to us, we first took a case history and listened to his needs and desires.  After his treatment for the shoulder injury was completed, we were able to prove to his employer that our client was not able to return to his previous job as a patient service technician and would need to be retrained in order to return to the workforce.  They agreed to our proposal, meaning we were able to settle our client's case without ever entering a courtroom.  

Our client is thrilled to know he'll receive a lump sum settlement and will be able to engage in vocational retraining.  He'll be able to return to the workforce doing a job that will not aggravate his repetitive motion injury, but will still provide him the sense of self that being able to support himself provides.

Do you or someone you know have a similar case?  We may be able to help them too.  An initial consultation is free, so please contact us today.

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