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More than a lawyer - Boston Marathon Runner!

Attorney Tumminelli does more than fight for your rights.  She is a mom, a wife, and most recently, a runner.  Running has become her passion and her outlet, but it wasn't always that way. 

How it began

After giving birth to Liliana, her second child, Carolina was determined to become a mom who could keep up with her active family.  Her son, Marcus, loves to run, play soccer and hike.  Carolina wanted to be able to keep up with Marcus and Lily, to play with them and chase them around.

When asked "why running?", Carolina answered: "I'm not really sure.  I had tried to run before but couldn't stick with it."  Clearly, her body wants to run and her children helped motivate her to stick with it this time.  Her devotion to being there for her children has completely transformed her life. 

The Transformation

At first, she struggled to run a mile in less than an hour.  But, she stuck with it because she realized running was the only time she could just be herself - not a mom, not a wife, not a lawyer - just Carolina.

Sometimes, she even let that go and just concentrated on her breathing and her footsteps.  It became nearly a meditative state - one during which problems were solved without her having to struggle to find the solutions. 

Carolina became healthier, gained more energy, and found a great group of new friends, as well as more confidence. In just one year from when she began running, she ran her first marathon, the Baystate Marathon in Lowell, Massachusetts.

This Year - Boston

Every runner - fast or slow - dreams of running the Boston Marathon.  Most never get the chance, but Carolina will be there.  On April 17, 2017, Carolina will be running the Boston Marathon.  And even the story of how that came about sounds as "meant to be" as her innate need to run and her excellence as a mother.

The Charity

When Carolina started dreaming about running the Boston Marathon, she knew she wouldn't be able to qualify with her times.  She's not in competition with anyone but herself, and is honest enough to know she's not that fast, nor does she want to be.  She runs for the love of it.

So, Carolina went to the Boston Athletic Association's website and looked at the list of charities that sponsored teams to run in the marathon.  Carolina wanted to pick a charity that was meaningful to her.  And then she spotted the link for the Melanoma Foundation of New England's application, and she knew she had found the charity she wanted to run for.  

Prior to Lily's birth, doctors had found pre-melanoma cells on Carolina's back.  Thankfully, it was caught early and fully removed, so other than a large scar on her back, she's completely recovered.

On a whim, Carolina filled out the application to join the Boston Marathon team running for the Melanoma Foundation of New England (MFNE).  She didn't mention it to anyone, assuming she would never get accepted.  She was wrong!

The Friday before Christmas, Carolina got the call that there were two spots left on the team, and they wanted her to fill one of those spots! Carolina agreed and is now a member of Team Running for Cover running the 2017 Boston Marathon, and raising funds for MFNE.

About Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.  The rates of melanoma are currently increasing around 3% per year, much faster than any other form of cancer.  One person dies every hour from skin cancer, and 71% of those deaths are from melanoma.  

Thanks to the efforts of MFNE, the rates of melanoma in New England are declining.  The foundation's focus on prevention, education and support means more people are staying away from tanning beds and taking proper precautions when outside.

To help support MFNE's efforts and support Carolina's Boston Marathon fundraising efforts, click

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